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Who Unfollowed My Instagram

Entwickler Can Software

Have you ever noticed that some Instagram users may follow you and than unfollow with no word said. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t show these users, but now you can find it out using “Real Unfollowers” app. The app scans the information about your followers and monitors their activity to provide you with reliable and accurate list of the users who do not follow you anymore. The only thing you should do is to log in with your Instagram and wait for the list. The list is being updated every 48 hours. All the unlocked users are being stored in the “History” section. “Real Unfollowers – Who Unfollowed My Instagram Profile” is the best way to find out who stopped following you. • Ability to see the unfollowers • Automatic update of the unfollowers list • “History” section • Easy log in with Instagram info • Reliable and accurate information